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DJ John (TC) Luongo - My Dream To Be In The Music Business

When people complain about the fact they are working too hard to "make it" in the music business I can only shake my head and think they have no clue what hard is! No clue at all!

I studied civil engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, worked on the radio station there,WNEU,every morning, did three days a week at Friendly's Ice cream on Huntington Ave., across from the school, and yet made the time to work as a DJ in the Townhouse on Beacon Street, every weekend to pursue my passion of playing music in the clubs and being in the Music Business!

My point here to all of you, is that hard work towards your dreams is not to be complained about but to be savored as you reach and achieve each and every goal you set!

God Bless the Dreamers and their tenacity as without them there would be no dreams come true!

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year and no boundaries for any of your dreams!

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