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Eddie Kendricks at Whimseys, Boston

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

I'm not being cocky when I say I was very instrumental in creating the scene that the EDM DJs of today enjoy. The whole premise behind the scene is for them to mix and record a song or album, and then go out and play it in the clubs or across the world for millions to hear!

I took it much further then that in Boston as I did interviews with the artists on the Records we broke in Boston ( here pictured with Eddie Kendricks on his new album back at Whimseys where I was the resident DJ).

I had the first dance radio show in the country on WTBS FM which was then syndicated on 25 stations across the country and dedicated solely to dance music and I topped it off with the Boston Record Pool and a magazine that threw the first dance awards ever called the Nightfall Dance Awards.

I respect all of the efforts of the DJs today and the wonderful steps they've taken to advance the profession!

@afrojack@steveaoki@calvinharris@dimitrivegasandlikemike time to meet you and talk with you all!

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