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Music Is My Way Of Life

I once worked on a song for Patti Labelle called Music Is My Way Of Life.

As I look back through my history and where I am today, those words seem to have much more meaning than I could've ever known, and surely capture my feelings to this day!

Here I am, straight out of college, listening to music on cassettes to find those magical songs for the Boston Record Pool, my radio show, the Right Track on WTBS, my magazine Nightfall, and the promotion company that I did not realize would be part of my future and eventually catapult me into the national scene, called MK Dance Promotions!


I must admit, that I was OBSESSED with music, doing all I could to hear every new song, study every new production and sound, and do anything in my power to bring the newest music to my audiences at the clubs on the radio station and through my magazine and the Boston Record Pool.

Here I am in my apartment in the South End of Boston where I lived and also had my offices at one point doing what I did best each and every day and evening, catching up on the newest music!

I got my BS degree in civil engineering, and went to a great school, Northeastern University in Boston, but I would've never done anything to change the path that somehow took me from engineering to a career in music.

Somethings are just meant to be! :)

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