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My Life as DJ John (TC) Luongo

It's been some 27 years since I have actively manned the turntables and participated in the realm of dance music at the DJ level.

It took me no more then five minutes to find my center and regain my confidence in mastery over the artform that I am so passionate about and love as it gave me my ticket to the music business in the realm of dance music that I hold so dear to my heart!

Here I am pictured with my friends Eddie Mcdonald and my homeboy from Boston Matty Olsen, who runs all of the lights and sound at Wynn Resorts Nightclubs in Vegas and Everett, Boston, and my dear friend Charlie Anzalone ( not pictured) on a recent trip to Las Vegas to meet the Dj's and get closer in touch with the music that I plan on coming back to as I man the turntables once again.

The only regrets that people have in life, are usually based around turning their backs on the people and things that got them going in the beginning and allowed them to get where they are.

I am not an apologist, as I have never turned my back on the people or music that has enriched me and in fact I've always proudly embraced all the wonderful people, artists, music, and audiences that I have been blessed to meet and honored to serve!

Never run from who you are, and always make choices that you can be proud be of so that everything you do in your life is a stepping stone and even the difficult things become an Intercal part of the make up of who you are and how you look at others!

I'm a DJ first, and all that I have become in the business world is due to the wonderful people that I learned to work with and love from that complicated wonderful world where music is the master and comes first above all other things!

Yes, I love coming back to my passion for Dj-ing because it never leaves you.

Always honor your past and respect those who have been a part of it!

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