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Freddy Mercury - Queen 1991

I was wondering how to start the day today and I decided to focus on a hero, a master, a true stronger than life superhuman being who managed to give us all he could even as his life was being hopelessly extinguished.

As you watch this video, think of the fact that with all the pain, loss of energy and his lifeline being stolen from him, he was still able to focus on his performance and the way he would come across to the people he loved and loved him back.

When you can cry about someone you never met but admired, when you can feel sadness and loss over a man that was special, you know they were special and gifted in a way that only a minuscule minute few will ever experience.

He, like Michael Jackson, came to life when he was playing his keyboard and entertaining people. After meeting with Brian May at his home in England I was blessed to work on a few of their recordings, Liar and Staying Power and was more excited about that then anything that I was asked to work on in my entire life.

To be on the periphery of greatness is as powerful an experience as one could ever hope for in a lifetime and this new focus on his life and times, seems to have intensified my experiences and memories working on Queen as a gift I will always be humbled by.

This is my Morning Mental Glass of Water this day in the form of a visual one, presented as a reflection of a great man who was judged by his life and not by his gender or preferences. It is a wonderful piece that shows a man who gave it all until his last breath was gone.

God Bless Freddie Mercury. I miss him like I have not missed many others.

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1 Comment

May 26, 2023

"Morning Mental Glass of Water" is a brilliant phrase...Well done, John...🙂

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