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Mother Love - Queen

I miss my mom and say a prayer to her each and every day. She was the definition of goodness, kindness and a guiding light in my life when it came to being honest, loving family and being true to GOD.

We all have experiences we had with our families and the moments and occurrences were all personal and unique. I believe that the most powerful and beautiful love of all is that love of a mother. Undeterred by anything in its way, unflappable in the face of its ability to keep giving even when the tank is close to empty and accompanied by a bond of steel unlike any bond one could imagine. The greatest love of all is the love of a Mother for her child and it is unbreakable and magnificent.

Here in his last dying days, under the unyielding march of AIDS on him and his body, now giving in and succumbing to the dreaded disease, is Freddie Mercury with Queen who in his last moments sounded as good or better than most in their prime, singing a love song based on the power and magic of Mother Love, the most powerful love of all. He never finished it and it required Brian May to composed and sign the last lyric due to Freddie’s passing.

If you have your mom with you, love her and tell her how much she means to you. If she is gone, pray to her and let her know she is on your mind and if you are not of either of these two circumstances, then just listen to a man who knew how to touch hearts and coin lyrics that made the world feel comforted by his mere existence.

May everyone enjoy a blessed and Happy Mother's Day!

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