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Updated: Jan 1, 2023

I and Vinny Peruzzi were the very first two DJs hired as on the air Radio personalities by PD and on air Jock, Rob Robin for WBOS -FM Radio in Boston!

We were a 50,000 watt Station which ruled New England and owned the Dance market!

Here at the world premier of Thank God It's Friday are myself, far left, and Ron Robin far right!

When I was the co-program director and music director at WBOS FM in Boston we were given the exclusive premier for the film Thank God it's Friday. There were three of us that ran that station. It was, myself, Program Director, Ron Robin, and my dear departed friend Vinnie Peruzzi.

Here is the marquee on the theater where it premiered in Boston!

We owned Boston and from Boston we took over the world of dance music! Here at the premiere of Thank God it's Friday sponsored by WBOS are left to right, Ron Robin, Vinny Peruzzi ,myself and the great Casablanca promotion person Brian Interland.

Here is myself and Vinny Peruzzi featured with the amazing Linda Clifford on one of her many trips to perform in Boston for WBOS FM.

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